Nice Stripers 22 lbs and 26 lbs today

Wednesday Charter Chunked some nice Stripers to 26lbs as well as some Blues.Thursday charter had some Short Bass and Blues as well as 4 Big keeper SeaBass and all the Porgies you wanted

Big SeaBass,Porgies today,Keeper Bass

Today's Seabass opener trip with Tony and Mark had good action with big Seabass with 6 Keepers to 23in 4lbs 6oz out of 10 caught Giant Porgies also mixed in taking 40 Mostly all big Jumbos.We also chunked 4 Bass keeping 1 30 incher and 1 small blue

Today we got the Blues

Today's trip with Pat and Kevin had some good action on the chunks on the Ebb tide putting away 15 Blues ranging from 3 to 8 lbs we did manage 1 short striper also

Morning trip was slow,Nite Bass Bite Good

The morning Trip with Rich and Friends had a slow day with few Fluke and 1 Short Striper releasing 6 Big SeaBass .The Nite Trip with Frank and his son Frank had a steady pick of Bass with 6 Coming aboard up tp 20lbs

Big one didn't get away 23lbs 12oz 39in

Today's Charter had steady action and mixed bag they had 3 Keeper Bass out of 9 caught with the big one topping out at 23lbs 12oz 39in Long .A few Blues mixed plus many keeper size seabass and some Porgies

Striper limit in 30 min of fishing

Todays trip with Joe and Gary jigged 2 keeper Stripers in first half hour ,jigged 1 Blue then fished bottom for 30 Porgies and released 10 Big SeaBass

Bass Limit to 22lbs by 6am

Todays trip with Steve and Charlie Left the dock early and it paid off they jigged 9 Stripers keeping their limit with top fish of 38inches weighing 2l2lbs some BLUES TO 10LBS were also mixed in

Happy Ending to Trip Slam Bam Jig Fest

Today's trip with the Guy's from Harris Corp Started off a little slow jigging 1 short Striper a run east found Blues crashing the top took about dozen 2-3 lb fish .Then did some Fluking had 3 Keepers to 24in 4.75 lbs and about 20 shorts with some Big Porgies and Seabass mixed in.The Last hour of trip we jigged and `Limited out on Bass to 34inches in an 1 hour taking 7 keepers to 34in and 15 shorts

Wow What A Day !!!

Todays trip with Tony and Mark started off jigging Short Stripers and 2-3 Blues we had about 6 of each.Off to the Fluke grounds Nonstop action on Fluke we had close to 50 Fluke Kept 7 to just over 20 inches.Back to Jigging jigged another 10 Bass 1 31 inch Keeper plus 5 Bluefish ,also mixed in was 5 Big 18-19 inch SeaBass

Bass Jigging has been Hot despite cold rainy weather

Last 2 days Diamond Jigging Stripers has been good despite Northeast Winds Monday had 5 Stripers keeping 2 to 34 inches .Tuesdays charter Had rough Seas but put a limit of Stripers in the boat in less than hour winding up with 10 total with 5 keepers to 32inches.Running open Boat Trip on Wednesday for Stripers

Chunking action slowed,Diamond jigging improved

This week saw at least 1 Keeper Bass taken each trip with Blues in the Mix to 7lbs.Today had better drifting conditions so diamond jigging was good with 12 Stripers taken with a couple of Keepers mixed in

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