Frosty Day Hot Striper Bite,Some Blacks too

Today Started a bit chiily with 17 Degrees at sailing time ,so we delayed start of the trip until temps hit a balmy 25 degrees.We hit the jigging Grounds first hooking up right away limiting out with 4 Stripers all around 32 inch mark we continued fishing for another 10 Bass then switched to Blacks.Had a Screaming tide still had 10 blacks with 1 Keeper before we were too cold

Great Day today 12 Keeper Stripers to 35in,9 Keeper Blacks out of 50 Caught

Today's trip with John and Friends had Great fishing today first we hit the Blacks on a wreck in 75ft water we put 9 keepers to 5lbs in the cooler .Then off to the jigging grounds putting a boat limit of 4 Stripers on the first drift we continued fishing played catch and release with 8 more over the the 28inch.

Rough Seas today 10 Keeper Stripers to 24lbs plus a bunch of shorts

Todays trip with Jim and Andy Started off Jigging Stripers with a limit in Boat in just 20 minutes,we continued catch and release fishing and landed 7 more Keeper Size bass releasing a39inch 24lber and some shorts after the bite slowed for called it a day for safety's sake and headed for the barn

Blackfish Blitz fills the Cooler today,More Stripers and Blues

Today's trip with Jose and Friends had a great day with plenty of action with Blacks .As current started to slack off on Ebb we had Blackfish Blitz with constant rods bending putting 40 Blackfish with 10 Keepers with some quality fish up to 6.5 lbs.Jigging today was slower but we still had 10 Bluefish ,6 Stripers with 1 Keeper

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