Holy Cow a 46in 41lb Striper today,plus a 20lber and 2 Keepers

Today's charter Earlin and Friends had a Great day chunkin Stripers with a 46in 41lb taking a chunk in the middle of tide screaming runoff taking 200ft of line.we had a 20lber we released and kept a 32in nd a 29in.Porgieand Seabass bite was good at end of trip.Putting 15 Porgies and 4 SeaBass in the cooler

6 Stripers on Chunks to 20lbs,6 Keeper SeaBass ,Load of Porgies

Today;s trip with Tony and Bob started off snagging Bunker in a Conneticut Harbor,then we hit the Bassin grounds didn't take long for a 37in 20lb Bass to find a Fresh Bunker head.We got 5 more with 1 Bass falling in thethe 28-35 slot without being to big.Next we fished bottom for Seabass and Porgies taking 25 Big Porgies and 6 Keeper Seabass to 18in

Stripers still Biting ,Blues move in,Plenty of Big Porgies and Keeper Sea Bass

The Past few days saw and up and down Striper bite today we brought 2 Nice Stripers to the boat 31 and 37in,all trips saw plenty of shorts.Bluefish moved in this week with all trips this week getting plenty of 2-3 lb choppers.the porgie bite was hot on incoming tide with some real jumbos.the last few days saw plenty od Sea bass getting anywhere from 2-8 keepers

Another super day Load of Porgies 4 Stripers 18-30lbs

Paul and his uncle a great day fishing today first they caught 40 Porgies in just a couple of hours,then we went off to the Bass grounds catching 7 short Stripers at first then the Big boys moved in first a 36in 18lb Bass then a 29 and 30 lb double header then we added a 27lb Bass to finish the Day

Bass and Porgies Blitz today 5 Stripers 14 to 33 lbs

Wow what a day,Frances's group started off with 90 minute punishing ride to the fishing grounds but it paid off.The Porgies were stacked up on the spot we put 80 Big porgies in the boat in just 2 Hrs.then it was off to the Bassin grounds were we had instant action putting 6 Stripers in the boat before action slacked off

Loads of Porgies , 3 Stripers to 19lbs

Today's trip with Tony and Bob had a Great Day first they had over 50 Porgies and 1 Bluefish in just 2 Hours,then they trolled Stripers of 24,34 and 36in

Back to Back trips scored with Stripers to 28lbs

Today featured 2 trips Sam's trip in the morning connected right away with Bass both jigging and trolling kept a 34incher,threw back a 36.5 incher .then we fished for Porgys keeping 40 up to 2.75 lbs plus 2 Blues.The afternoon trip with Hank jigged a 28lb 41in Striper

Couple Nice Stripers today 21 and 26lbs

Today dans group started off on the troll for Bass .Hopefully the Bass would repeated the 1st of outgoing bite the last 2 days had.Right on time the action started a 37incher came aboard then a another 39inches 20 mins later plus some shorts

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