October 30, 2019

Todays trip with Larry,Rob and Frank hit the Jigging grounds first and put 3 Keeper Bass to 36in 18lbs in the boat right away as well as 15 Blues to 4lbs after the current slowed we hit a wreck for blacks catching 30 Blacks keeping 9 to 6lbs

October 26, 2019

Todays trip with Tony and Tanya had good action on the Blacks catching 30 of them keeping 5 to 7.5 lbs.They also jigged 15 Blues to 4 lbs and 6 Stripers to 27 3/4 in

October 25, 2019

Today's trip with Jim and Dave had A Great day.We had a limit Blacks on 1 anckor drop by 11am out of 30 caught .After that we jigged 8 Stripers to 17lbs keeping 2.Plus 15 Bluefish 3-10lbs

October 24, 2019

Today;s trip with Larry and Rob had great action today with Limit 9 Keeper Blacks to 5 lbs out of 30 caught,alsohad 7 keeper Seabass .Jigging action put 5 Keeper Bass to 17lbs in the Boat as well as 15 Blues to 4lbs

October 20, 2019

Today's trip with guys From Sea Tow Port Jefferson had a great day.First they limited out on Stripers in 45 min took 25 Blues 2-5 lbs.Next we Blackfished on rock pile  then later on a wreck taking 24 Blackfish top weight of 5lbs with 6 Keeper SeaBass in the MIX

October 20, 2019

Today's trip with Andy,Tom and Kevin had a good day blackfishing  with 6 keepers of 24 they caught mixed were Keeper size SeaBass  which

we kept 5

October 14, 2019

today a Charter for Peter and 2 friends had a awesome day with 9 Keeper Blacks to 7.5 lbs of the 40 they caught.Mixed in were 8 Keeper Seabass and some Porgies.At end of day we jigged 20 Bluefish to 4 lbs with 3 Keeper Stripers to 34.5v inches mixed in

October 13, 2019

Today's charter had a good pick of Blacks today with a dozen blacks coming aboard keeping 2 to 4 lbs.Mixed in were some keeper Seabass.We also jigged 20 Bluefish and a couple of short Bass

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