July 25, 2020

Today's trip for Paul  and friends  had some good Bassin today .We dropped a 36in plus fish at theboat first but then rallied to catch 3 more releasing a 39in Bass ,keeping a 30in Bass and releasing a short.WE kept 5 Seabass and 25 Porgies

July 20, 2020

The past few days have seen good SeaBass fishing with 4-10 keepers per trip,Some Stripers were caught also with 4 yesterday and 1 32in keeper today.Porgie fishing was solid on all trips with some really Big ones the last 2 trips

July 13, 2020

the last 2 trips saw a steady pick of Keeper Seabass with 15 Keepers between the last to trips .Each trip had 30-40 Keeper Porgies with some real jumbos mixing in.Short Stripers and Bluefish are hitting the chunks with a few Bass each trip with 2-4 lb blues

July 10, 2020

the Bluefish are coming on Strong  now still a few Stripers around,Seabass fishing was real good today putting a Boat limit aboard for Frank and matt today

July 7, 2020

Last few trips saw great mixed bag fishing besides Keeper Stripers and small blues,we had weakfish,Blacks and fluke mixed in on the porgie drops

July 1, 2020

Today's trip with Bill and Sons had Plenty of action on both bottom fishing and Chunking taking 3 Stripers keeping 1 28.5 inch and 1 Blue.we had 15 Seabass Kept 5 nice ones.Porgy fishing was good catching 25 and kept 15

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